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  • Winning Projects / Smart Cities 30/11/2018
    Sharing Cities, a European urban redevelopment project, has been launched south of Milan near via Ripamonti, in the Porta Romana-Vettabbia district. It is part of an important European research and innovation program called Horizon 2020 ( As written in,”the demonstration districts in ‘lighthouse’ cities Lisbon, London and Milan will implement replicable urban digital solutions […]
  • Design, past and future 25/10/2018
    Over the last seventy years, Italian design has expressed ‘Made in Italy’ brand excellence in a wide range of fields, and nowadays its products are often recognized the world over not only for their quality but also for their ability to cater to people’s needs, ambitions, dreams and … contradictions. On Monday 15th October, an […]
  • International coffee culture comes to Milan 28/09/2018
    In Italy coffee is an age-old ritual, from the first sip in the morning at home, to various coffee breaks in bars and coffee-shops later on in the day. In Naples, people are so addicted to coffee that songwriters often dedicate folk arias to their beloved drink. Even in English-speaking countries, many coffee names are […]

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