Culture and Entertainment

Italian culture is not just about history, art, architecture, music and food, but also a series of events that celebrate all that richness. Some of those events are famous all over the world, while others are little traditional centuies old celebrations.


Art exhibition are organized all year round, mainly in the cities, to display over a thousand years of heritage, while the aim of the Venice Biennale is to promote world contemporary art, flanked with theatre and ballet performances. Music lover can enjoy the best Italian and iternational opera in historic liric theatres like the Milan’s La Scala, the Fenice of Venice or the amazing Arena of Verona. Italy is more than a world capital for music and art, it also offers a wide range of traditional and modern cultural events, such as literary festivals or the many Carnivals held, most notably in Venice, but also in many other regions. Lately, every corner of Italy offers endless gastonomic, historical and religious representations throughout the year.


This country has also been chosen as a movie set infinite times, for the beauty of scenary or the presence of historical buildings or monuments.

Italy is such a amalgam of art, culture, natural landscapes, traditions and magic that everyday you can find an amazing adventure or and event to discover and enjoy.

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