Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a commercial mark and it is considered the third best known brand in the world.

A by-word of high-quality products, Made in Italy recall the image of excellence, luxury, elegance and artisanship.


Including a wide range of products, from fashion to automobiles and, of course, enogastronomic excellences, this brand has seduced the whole wide world for the characteristics of integrity and durability, design, originality and creativity.

Numerous initiatives are organized all-year round to promote this mark, such as fairs and showrooms, dedicated to the most demanding public. Those shows usually match the commercial purpose with cultural events, offering the occasion to jump into the immense history and art of the Bel Paese.

The qualities of those artisanal and industrial manufacturers is guaranted by wa wide range of internationally-recognised labels, in particular regarding wine and food: DOC wines (Denomination of Controlled Origin), DOP or PDO cheeses (Denomination of Protected Origin), IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and many others. Textiles, decor and furnishings and fashion accessories also boast licenses and copyrights that assure their singularity.


In addition to the producers, diverse consortiums work to guarantee the realization, conception and origins of Made in Italy products. The quality of those products are further guaranted by independent agencies monitoring for adulterations and counterfeits.

Many tourists visit the Peninsula also to experience Made in Italy’s world, a place where culture, industry, history, art and good taste result in unique and beloved cuisines and articles of design, and the exploration of the traditions and methods that lead to their creation. Hardly anyone can return home without taking with them at least one memento of Made in Italy.

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