Thinking about Italy, people’s most vivid images are the clear Mediterranean sea, the good food, (most of all pizza!), the art cities and some joyful traditional celebrations. Campania is all this and much more. This southern region overlooks the splendid Tyrrhenian Sea, and also includes peerless isles like Capri, Ischia and Procida.

The charm of this land is created by the perfect weather, the the enchanting coast, the richness of history and art and one of best cooking tradition of the world.

The first destination is the sea, that, with its intense colours, its bays, coves and rock faces, it’s the region’s uncontested queen.


This treasure is enhanced by the Mediterranean vegetation and little picturesque towns that witness this territory’s traditions and history. Without forgetting some unique characteristics of this land: the Vesuvius, monumental but mysterious, loved for its beauty and feared for its power. And Naples, that brought its atmosphere and music all over the world. The sound of this city is passionate and intense, matching high-brow culture with the popular one, sacred and profane, joy and melancholy.

The tuff terrace, where the town of Sorrento is located, seems to tumble into the sea. The scenery is enthralling, with the indented and inaccessible coast line alternating with those of small and hidden beaches. People created here terraces sloping down towards towards the sea, where citrus, olive trees and vines are cultivated. Those plantations give off heady scents of oranges, lemons and orange-blossoms.


A visit in this region in an unforgettable experience: music and entertainment, sun and sea. But also some of the most beautiful and important historic and cultural places, like the Roman remains of Paestum, Pompeii and Herculaneum; or the enchanting architecture of the Chartreuse of Padula or the Royal Palace of Caserta.

The provinces of Campania are five: Naples (the regional capital), Caserta, Benevento, Avellino and Salerno.

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