When one is talking about the Italian Riviera, they mean Liguria. Its coast is 186 miles long, and the sea, an important feature for this area, is splendid. It is the sea that offers the widest essay of ways to vacation in this region. Liguria boasts some of the most beautiful marine life reserves in Italy: the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Berteggi, Gallinara and the Sanctuary of Cetaceans.


Here you can find the greatest number of aquatic mammals of the Mediterranean Sea; those “blue sea roads” offers to whale watching enthusiasts a fascinating and instructive experience. A whale-watching excursion is usually combined with a biologist explanation about cetacean life, curiosities, and the rules to aid preserving their natural habitat.

Also the seabed deserve an immersion tour to admire the splendid view. Also if you are not an expert scuba-diving you can enjoy the captivating experience utilizing one of the many specialized diving centres in Liguria’s most important sea resorts.


Snorkelling is perfect for those who wish to explore without going to far from the water’s surface, and it is good for all ages. You will be accompanied by an expert guide, with flippers, mask and wetsuit, to observe the colours and the variety of the flora and the many fishes that live in this area.

If you prefer to stay on the ground, Liguria is also an open-air gym. Behind the Riviera the mountains stands majestically, waiting for the trekking enthusiasts with its rocks, valleys, streams and lakes. Ligurian hinterland surprises with the framework of colour and scent created by the typical Mediterranean scrub.

The region is also famous for the number of events, festivals and fairs it offers. First of all the Festival of Italian music in Sanremo, that takes place in February, many famous Italian and international singers perform in the Ariston Theatre. During this event the city of Sanremo puts up several others events to entertain all the people that come in in the Town of Flowers.

Two other important events that take place in Geona: the International Nautical Fair and Euroflora fair. The Nautical fair is, since 1962, a world-wide known event that gathers the most important exhibitors of this sector in about 300 000 square meters. Euroflora takes place every five years (next show will be in 2016) and, thanks to the magnificent beauty of its settings, draws the public’s attention to some of today’s most topical issues: the protection of biodiversity.

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