The most appealing characterisitic of Molise is surly the unspoilt environment, from the Appenine to the sea, perfect to relax, sport or trekking.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy walking or trekking in several protected areas, like National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise or the WWF Reserve in Guardaregia-Campochiaro, through woods, streams, gorges and falls.


The majority of hilly areas can be reached by mountain bike, while the coast is an ideal setting for a cycle route.

Nature can be discovered also with an horseback riding along the tratturi, the thousand-year old trail covered during transhumance. Still today, throughout the region, like in Pescolanciano, it is still possible to see this ancient move of people and livestock.

Mountains are also equipped for ski lovers, thanks to the ski resorts of Campitello Matese, the largest ski resort in Molise, and Capracotta, also well-known for its cross-country ski trails.

The coast, from Termoli to Campomarino, assure a quiet holiday devoted to relax and sunbathing along sandy beaches, or excitiong expiriences of water soprts among crystal-clear waters.


The food and wine trails will take you from the coast to the vineyards and enchanting little town, tasting, at every stop, local wines and products, like the renowned white truffle of San Pietro Avellana.

Molise’s ancient spiritual tradition still boasts spiritual routes in beautiful natural environments. Two of the most important places of worship are the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto in Roccavivara and the fascinating Addolorata Sanctuary in the steep mountains of Castelpetroso.

Lastly, many events are keeping local traditions alive: the International Bagpipe Festival in Scapoli, the White Truffle Fair in San Pietro Avellana “La ‘Ndocciata” (a torch-lit procession in traditional dress that takes place every year in Agnone), Pezzata (the Lamb Festival in Capracotta) are just some of them.

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