Religion and Spirituality

Italy, Territory of Faith and Spirit

Italy and expecially Rome, is considered one of the most important Christian destination for those who want to see the most significant places of worship, but also to discover the most valuable religious art, architepture and objects.

San Giovanni Rotondo is the town where St. Padre Pio di Petralcina lived till its death in 1968. Assisi, in Umbria, is now a byword of Peace thanks to the example of St. Francis, to whom is dedicated the Medieval Basilica and convent. The Sanctuary of Loreto, according to tradition, hosts the house of the Virgin Mary. Turin is also an important pilgrimage destination because of the Shroud, a relic bearing the everlasting image of Christ after the crucifixion, that is regularly exhibited.


But it is especially Rome, and the Vatican City, the centre of Chatolic spirituality and cuture. Seat of the Papacy, Rome boasts some of the most important churches like the St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest Christian church in the world.


The Via Francigena is an historic route that takes from France, passing through Northen Italy, to Rome, but it is also possible to to take a spiritual trip to admire the artistic, cultural, and religious heritage of this country.

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