Cities of Art

Hosting incredibly beautiful works of art, Italian cities are some of the most important cultual tourism destinations. Thanks to their monuments, churches, castles, museums, and historic dwellings, they are perfect also for the low-season tourism, fulfilling everyone’s expectations, any time of the year.

The most important art cities are Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Ferrara, Florence, Perugia, Rome, Naples, and Palermo.


All of them are preserving an incredible historic, artistic and architectonic heritage that narrates the country’s history though the signs of the events and the men who moved about in them. In the past those cities where often the seats of governments and principalities of little states, becoming the stages of events that changed the course of history. More specifically those cities, due to their particular relationship with various axes of power, were made over several times as residences of princes, dukes, popes, kings and emperors.

Both big cities and little villages preserve their original farmework, like a Roman stronghold or a Medieval borgo; they boasts the ancient vestiges as they were frozen in their times, or, in some case, even seem to straddle between more than one historical period, perhaps for being completated or trasformated in two different eras. They are more than the case that hide moving treasures expression of great artists, in many cases they are true masterpieces of art themselves.


Walking through the streets of those open-air museums, discovering modern and inspiting itineraries, one can find shops and artisan workshops, markets and fairs, festivals and theatrical events that are a great blessed union of traditions, culture and excitement.

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