Ways to Travel

Italy Far and Wide

Italy baosts and endless choice of itineraties and travel opportunities, from nature to culture, wellness, events, traditions and food.

Whatever your mean of transportation may be, it is possible to visit both the most famous cities or those beautiful less-frequesnted towns and villages that give you the chance to find the true heart of Italy and the most genuine traditions.

Thanks to its warm climate, whether you are moving by car, train, bus, boat, scooter or bike, you can experience all the country in close contact with these places and the inhabitants’ warmth, friendliness and hospitality in any time of the year. Nevertheless you can also look for handcraft tradition, delicious food and, why not, a peaceful spot.


Every region hides endless enchanting landscapes; wild or mild nature, splendid mountain views, imposing castles or churches, vineyards, lagoons and, obviously, the sea with its captiving colours.

The Italian richness of works of art is unbelievable. The 65% of all works of art and monuments of artistic value are in this open-air museum called Italy. The country’s culture is so extended and multifaced that offers not only a travel back in time, but also a kaleidoscopic variety of cultures, dialects, cuisines and traditions.


A tailor made travel can be organized chosing the best mean of transportation, the ideal destination and the interest of everyone. An holiday in Italy meets everyone’s need and budget.

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